Experience the taste of downtown San Francisco at Fleur de Sel Gourmet. Our deli offers fresh, organic breakfasts and lunches, perfect for food enthusiasts and busy professionals. Specializing in corporate catering, our experienced French chef crafts an array of delicious meals, from savory sandwiches and risottos to delectable vegetarian options and homemade desserts. Dive into our online magazine for exclusive food tips and recipes!

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Hello, I'm Céline

Hello, I'm Céline

Hello, I'm Céline, the founder and culinary spirit behind Fleur de Sel Gourmet. Born and raised in a traditional French household, I was always surrounded by the simplicity and richness of home-cooked meals. However, it was my journey through the upscale restaurant industry in France that truly ignited my passion for gourmet cooking.

I cherish the transformative power of food, from a humble ingredient to a masterpiece on a plate. My culinary style is a blend of classic French techniques and a bold exploration of global flavors, reflecting my journey from traditional roots to a world of diverse cuisines.

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